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#1 Laughologist In The US

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Joy on the job is so important!!

Bringing in laughter therapy will uplift your workplace environment and bring amazing results to your staff's well-being and your bottom line.

Creating a HEALariously healthy environment where laughter is celebrated and viewed positively will create a place of enjoyment. It’s this enjoyment that will create a more productive, more efficient team spirit where everybody will pull together and feel more engaged with the business.

Laughter can help your employees become better at their jobs because people feel more motivated in a laughter-rich environment. Sharing laughter in the workplace will bring your teams closer together and get them thinking more creatively. This is the power that laughter can bring to your business.

Whether it’s online or in-person, a Laughter Yoga session is a great well-being workout for you and your team.

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Laugh Yoga Session

✓ Reduce stress levels
✓ Icebreaker
✓ Increased energy levels

✓ Innercise for mental health

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HEALarious Workshops

✓ HEALarious Edutainment

✓ Lessons in Laughter

✓ Interactive games

✓ Laugh therapy

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Comedic Keynote Speaker

✓ A speaker your guest will remember

✓ Engaging from start to finish

✓ A great addition to any event

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Special Request

✓ How can I help you add more laughter to your next event

✓Leave your guest feeling delighted

When choosing a professional supplier, experience in working with corporate clients is paramount to your business. Our HEALarious wellness | Wellbeing laugh yoga sessions and workshops are a fusion of various holistic tools, practices, and other complementary therapies, all selected due to their stress-relieving qualities.

When you invest in corporate well-being, you are investing in the future of your business. Keeping your employees' work environment happy and healthy is crucial in today's corporate environment. Your employees are your company's greatest asset.


Online Laugh yoga sessions are great for remote workers. Bringing remote workers closer together and helping to break the ice.


Our HEALarious Workshops help your employees learn useful tools for addressing common presenting concerns about stress and feel more confident in their ability to manage distress.


In person laugh yoga sessions helps to cultivate more joy in the workplace. Creating a healthy environment for employees to work


Special request services has added some laugh changing takeaways to many client events. Leaving their guest feeling uplifted and attentive with great things to say regarding the event.

What Are They Saying?

It was so great to see my staff laughing and enjoying themselves. Melanin did a great job!

Terri Hall

Loved every minute of the in person laugh yoga session. This is a great way to reduce stress

Nikki Taylor

I laughed so hard it last for two weeks! This was a new experience and I totally enjoyed it.

Danny Glee

Not one boring moment throughout the whole workshop. I laughed and learned so much

Amy Taker

Want to bring Holistically HEALarious to your company. Book your discovery call today.

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