Laugh Coachin

It is a deep healing and transformative work that aims to assist people to use their natural gift of laughter to activate their inner joy. We do this by systematically putting in place a strategic plan to combat potential stressful situations when they occur. Following through with the proper steps you will be successful in adding more joyful experiences to your life.

What is a Laughologist?


Love and Laughter I am Melanin  Bee of Holistically HEALarious I am a Laughologist. 

I use laughter to guide you into a state of greater happiness and wellbeing. Laughter is very helpful during any transition in life, It makes everything easier.


The act of laughing connects your mind, body and spirit. As a Laughologist, I assist you to laugh even when you think you can't. The emotional and physical release gained from laughing empowers you to live a more positive life.


 If you are ready to change the perception of your current reality to your desired reality. Let's book you're session so we can move forward.

Healing With  Humor

Did you know that finding humor in your healing journey is healthy!? Yes, being able to see the silver lining is a great sign that you are healing in the right direction. However for some that may be easier said than done. Our goal is to assist you to use laughter to help you learn life's lessons while finding happiness in hurt. Revealing childhood traumas and doing shadow can get very dark and can be a hard place to come out of. This is why activating your natural internal sunshine is key to being successful on your healing journey. 

Let's get started with booking your Laugh Coaching session so you can learn how to heal with humor, by creating a strategic plan for you to use over a period of time.