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Understanding Kick Off Bet: A Comprehensive Guide to 6 Effective Ways to Bet on Which Team Starts First

Reputable football betting websites always strive to diversify their offerings in online soccer betting. Among these, the kick off bet has emerged as a novel playing style, less affected by external factors.

Exploring the ins and outs of kick off betting and mastering powerful betting strategies to outsmart bookmakers is a top priority for football tips yesterday 

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What is the Kick Off Bet?

The kick off bet is a familiar type of wager in football betting. Here, players predict which team will have control of the ball at the beginning of the match.

Understanding Kick Off Bet

What is Kick Off?

Kick off is a special type of play unrelated to the strength of the two participating teams. The result is immediately determined when the referee tosses the coin and determines which side has the right to kick off.

Thus, based on basic probability, each team has a 50% chance of winning the bet. However, some matches have odds that differ due to factors such as pitch conditions, weather, or home crowd influence.

Some experienced kick off bettors achieve win rates of up to 80% thanks to their existing expertise and sharp instincts. Others engage in this type of betting purely for recreational gambling.

Guide to Betting on Which Team Starts First in Detail

Purchasing a kick off bet is simple, requiring just a click of a mouse. You simply choose one of the two teams participating in the match and wait for the outcome.

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How to Bet on Which Team Starts First

When preparing for the match to begin, the main referee and the two team captains will toss the coin to determine the team to start first. Immediately after the result is determined, the bookmakers will announce and reward the winner.

Bettors do not need to gather information about the participating teams or analyze anything. They simply bet on whichever side seems more likely to win.

Step 1: Select the match you want to bet on.

Step 2: Navigate to the kick off bet section.

Step 3: Click on the odds of the team you want to bet on.

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to invest => Confirm the bet.

Step 5: Wait for the result and collect the winnings.

Calculating Betting Money in Kick Off Bet

The amount won in a kick off bet depends solely on the odds provided by the bookmakers. The number of goals, fouls, corner kicks, or anything else does not affect its payout.

Winnings = Capital * Odds

In the event of losing the bet, you will lose the entire capital invested. This form of betting does not involve scenarios where you win or lose half the amount.

Real-life Examples of Kick Off Team Betting

Here are a few examples to better understand this intriguing form of football betting:

  • In the match between Empoli vs Torino with kick off odds of 1.11 and 0.70, a player bets 500K on the home team and wins, resulting in a prize of 555,000 VND.

  • In the clash between Cremonese vs Inter Milan with odds of 1.20 & 0.63, a bettor places 1 million VND on the away team and loses the bet, resulting in a loss of the entire invested amount.

  • In the encounter between Atalanta vs Sampdoria with kick off odds of 1.20 & 0.63, a punter bets 200K on the away team and wins the bet, resulting in a payout of 126K VND.

Top 6 Effective Kick Off Betting Tips from Expert Panel

Though seemingly a game of chance, kick off betting still adheres to certain principles. Once the coin is tossed, whoever guesses its face correctly will choose between goal or kickoff rights.

#1 Bet on the Home Team

Home teams always have the advantage of familiar ground in professional football matches. Therefore, the opposing team often prefers to choose the side of the field with fewer pressures from home fans in the first half.

According to research, home teams win in 65 to 75% of matches in kick off betting.

#2 Allocate Funds Across Multiple Matches

Since there is never a 100% certainty of winning when betting on the opposing team's kick off, you must divide your capital. Betting on multiple matches increases the chances of making money.

Even if you lose one bet, you still have hope of recovering in subsequent matches.

#3 Monitor Weather Conditions

External factors are crucial in kick off betting on which team starts first. Weather conditions affect the visibility of goalkeepers, and no team wants to choose the side with direct sunlight shining in their faces.

Pay attention to the orientation of the goalposts and analyze the time of play to see which direction the sunlight is moving.

#4 Research Stadium Seating Arrangements

Another important factor is the arrangement of stands in the stadium. Typically, the majority of spectators are fans of the home team.

Therefore, away teams prefer to choose the side of the field with fewer supporting fans. They are willing to concede the kick off to the opposing team.

#5 Referees Play a Crucial Role

Referees are the ones who toss the coin; they cannot determine the outcome but ensure fairness.

However, referees still have the ability to use tactics to influence which team receives the kick off.

#6 Consider the Tactics of Both Teams

When betting on which team receives the kick off, you should understand the playing style of both teams. The team that often plays aggressively from the start will prefer to have ball control when the referee blows the starting whistle.

Where to Bet on Kick Off with Trustworthy Sites?

Kick off betting does not appear in every professional match. Betting sites only list it for matches with high public interest.

You can only purchase kick off bets for the most prestigious tournaments worldwide. Among these, 8Xbet – M88 are the platforms with the most comprehensive odds at present.

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In addition to the above reasons, 8Xbet and M88 also offer superior quality and class compared to other betting sites:

  • They possess legal operating certificates from Curacao Gaming, ensuring fairness in all bets.

  • Their modern betting systems continuously update with the latest, most advanced technologies.

  • They offer incredibly high payout rates, allowing for significant winnings in kick off betting.

  • They provide a wide range of matches from top leagues to lesser-known tournaments worldwide.

  • They offer various popular transaction methods, allowing for instant deposits, transfers, and withdrawals.

  • Their customer service teams are dedicated and professional in providing support and assistance.


Kick off betting is less influenced by the strength and form of the two teams. Hence, the chances of winning are evenly distributed between both sides.

Utilizing high-quality betting methods mentioned above can help many players earn substantial profits from this unique form of betting.


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