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Download the Best Police Games for Free: Become a Cop in Crime City

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game download police officer

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Play the best police games for free. We have collected 57 popular police games for you to play on LittleGames. They include new and top police games such as Angry Gran, Police Driver, Dont Get Caught, Military Transport Vehicle and Police Drift Car. Choose a police game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Mr. Snyder: Our first school is being installed this week, and our plan was to roll this out to police officers first (the free Hero911 app). We currently have more than 7,000 law enforcement officers that have been vetted and approved to activate the app. About 3,000 of them are from our home state of Illinois where we have done a lot of the pilot projects. But we have now been rolling it out across the United States and we have officers signed-up from all 50 states as well as federal agents representing about 20 different federal agencies, so word is definitely getting out.

While en route to the scene of the emergency, the officer can attempt to learn more. At the school, an officer in blue jeans and a pickup truck is not likely to park at the front door, wave a gun in the air, and burst through the front door. A trained officer will park in a tactical position at a corner of the building; take a defensive position; use their eyes ears, feel, and smell to figure out what is happening. In most cases, the plain clothes officer will wait for a uniformed response, ID themselves and team up. Gunfire in the building could be a game-changer for the officer, leading to a decision that could impact and save many lives.

Mr. Snyder: In the spirit of situational awareness and the 2004 Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Act, we allow retired officers to carry the Hero911 app. Retired officers have no police authority and should not respond. However, they should remain vigilant and use their years of training to observe and monitor the immediate area, as 20 percent of active shooters flee the scene.

Law enforcement officers' job requirements are challenging in many ways, but one obstacle that is often overlooked is officer fatigue. Police officers work around the clock, and these hours, along with the already dangerous job tasks they must perform, can lead to sleep loss. Loss of sleep leads to decreased alertness, deterioration of performance, health issues, and ultimately compromised safety on the job. According to the Tired Cop study, 44% of police officers reported acting in an unsafe manner or taking unnecessary risks due to fatigue. Additionally, this study concluded that police officers are more fatigued than other occupational groups due to their strenuous work environment.

The Fatal FourLaw enforcement is a demanding profession, and the job can take a toll on any law enforcement professional, both mentally and physically. This course focuses on the potentially fatal dangers police officers face every day in the form of felonious assaults, roadway incidents, lack of physical conditioning, and not addressing mental health issues.

This course provides an overview of the four major areas that put officers at risk of injury or death and how to minimize exposure to those fatal dangers. It aims to provide a better understanding of the importance of physical fitness and the impact poor physical health can have on the life expectancy of police officers. It also explores the prevalence of officer suicide, the indicators of potential suicide that may be presented, and how to help. Due to the nature of the job, potentially fatal encounters are an inevitable part of being a law enforcement professional, and it's essential to understand how best to approach these situations.

The Graham StandardWatch VideoThe ability to conduct swift yet constructive decision-making is essential to executing any action taken against individuals who may appear to be acting suspiciously. Police are often forced to make split second judgements in circumstances that are tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving about the amount of force that is necessary dependent on the situation. In the case of Graham v. Connor 490 us 386 (1989), we witness the officer's use of force analyzed under the Fourth Amendment "objective reasonableness" standard and the incapability of providing precise definition or mechanical application when considering the opposing party.This course provides an overview of this specific case that not only supports the warrior aspect an officer must possess but understand the significance of the guardian aspect and the balance between the two characteristics- surrounding the decision to apply force and post incident.Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)Guardians and Warriors: Seeking BalanceWith law enforcement professionals today under increasing amounts of scrutiny in an already dangerous profession, the right mindset is key in managing everyday situations. Many officers have adopted a "warrior" mindset in order to physiologically deal with the stressors of their jobs, but they are also "guardians" in the way they protect the public. This course focuses on how to balance these two mindsets in order to maintain public trust, perform your duties at a high-level, and prevent crime and disorder.Numerous case studies, scientific research, statistics, and an array of videos of real-life situations are utilized to offer training scenarios that assist with channeling both the warrior and guardian mindsets and how they are applied to a wide range of circumstances.This course provides an overview of Sir Robert Peel's Nine Principles of Policing and how they tie into the guardian and warrior mindsets. It aims to provide a better understanding of how these mindsets can be mutually exclusive and how effective training can be used to increase public trust. It also explores the phrase "Guardian Heart, Warrior Spirit" and the training aspects of knowing when to switch from one mindset to the other.Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)Guardians on the Grounds: Police-Fire Relations and Securing FacilitiesWatch VideoIn the case of an active threat or active shooter situation, it is essential to ask yourself, what is your mission? As this question may stir many answers, the goal must always conclude to working together as public safety- Fire and EMS working under the protection of the police will make entry for assessment, triage, and quickly coordinate an evacuation plan. Time to the wounded is lives saved.Moving forward from such tragedies, public safety professionals must learn from the research linked to certain stressors experienced by active shooters. The community plays a vital role in acting as the eyes of Law Enforcement and in what actions may be necessary to keep the community safe.This course provides an overview of the perspective behind the active shooter, the victims, and the first responders involved in active threat situations. We will be looking into current events involving active shooters and what, as a unit, can be accomplished with a common understanding of our on-going mission.Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)Implicit Bias: Facts & MythsWith law enforcement professionals today under increasing amounts of scrutiny and many of their actions caught on camera, charges of bias have become more frequent. In these instances, many officers are depicted as having a racial bias or prejudice against various segments of the population, but often they don't show the entirety of the situation. However, this does not mean that implicit bias doesn't exist in law enforcement; it merely emphasizes that not all biases are illicit or racial. This course focuses on understanding the four types of bias and how preconceived opinions can have a negative impact on your job performance and public trust.Numerous case studies, scientific research, statistics, and an array of videos of real-life situations are utilized to offer training scenarios that assist with identifying the inherent issues with explicit, implicit, illicit and racial biases and how they can be applied unconsciously to a potential suspect.This course provides an overview of implicit bias and the differences between bias and prejudice. It aims to provide a better understanding of the four types of biases and how bias influences situations in law enforcement. It also explores the rise of implicit bias and how both confirmation and observational biases can affect job performance.Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)

In any correctional facility, law enforcement officers are surrounded by people who have lost control of their environment. Inmates will do whatever it takes to regain control, including con games. Lieutenant Glenn Revell of the San Diego County, Calif., Sheriff's Department explains how inmates will try to con you, the dangers of being conned, and how you can keep from being taken in.

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Whether your communications division is a few people or a few hundred, its role demands special attention. As the contact point for citizens who need police service, communications is vital to community relations. As a lifeline for officers responding to dangerous situations, it is a top priority for officers' safety. But too often communications is not made to feel a full partner in the law enforcement team.

In this course, ex-police officer Tom Guthery presents statistics on the number of officers who died in the line of duty and explains how dispatchers and officers can work together to reduce these statistics.

This course provides guidance for police officers who drive vehicles on the job, describing post-accident procedures such as who to call, what information to provide and collect, and what forms to complete. Information is also provided regarding what officers can expect to be carried out by their department during the accident investigation and which corrective actions could be recommended to prevent similar accidents in the future. Likewise, the course also discusses strategies for responding safely to unexpected vehicle emergencies, such as a mechanical failure. Equipping a vehicle with an accident kit and emergency supplies is also part of the recommended preparation strategies, as well as some tips on preventing the major causes of accidents and emergencies.


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