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A couple that laughs together haves fun together


Dating can be stressful... Relationship's can be stressful...  Being able to find a partner you can laugh with is so HEALariously healing!

Even keeping the joy in a relationship is important. This is why your favorite Laugh Specialist Melanin Bee has created a safe silly space for new couples, married couples, or even if your just dating.... This HEALarious healing experience is for you and your partner.

Couples Game Night Laughaste' Out Loud Starting every Thursday at Baba's Vegan Cafe' 6619 S Western Ave


20220413_113528_0000 (1).png

10 Couples will compete every Thursday in a HEALarious friendly competition playing Laughaste' Out Loud my HEALarious healing modality, and my HEALarious version of chardes.

Lots of laughter some HEALariously healthy medical meals.
Infused with nothing but the best, all organic, natural herbs.

You can also get your meals without the infusion.

RSVP today! 

And I look forward to laughing and healing with you soon!


HEALarious Couples Game Night
HEALarious Couples Game Night
Multiple Dates
Jun 16, 2022, 8:00 PM PDT
Los Angeles
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