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It's time for your Stress Less with laughter... Hahaha!!

Good stress, bad stress... Stress is stress! If you've been looking for a new innovative way to minimize the stress in your life this HEALarious workshop is for you.


Get ready to Laugh and learn with the world famous Laughologist and Edutainer Melanin Bee.

In this educational HEALarious workshop filled with lessons in laughter, prepare yourself to gain a better understanding on how to create and maintain your Stress Less Lifestyle. Utilizing laughter and other HEALarious holistic healing modalities to help you Stress Less With Laughter.  With her informative lessons in laughter, interactive exercises, and so many other HEALarious takeaways this is one HEALarious Workshop you don't want to miss.

What Area They Saying...

Be prepared...
To leave this HEALarious workshop with a better understanding of how to properly identify your stressors and how to quickly laugh, relax and release your body's natural feel-good hormones.

You are ready to Stress Less With Laughter

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I look forward to laughing with you soon.

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