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A HEALarious Virtual workshop
' How To Find Joy In Your Journey'
Because Joy Is Your Superpower!

I want to welcome you to join me for a HEALarious virtual workshop where you are going laugh and learn 'How To Find Joy In Your Journey'. 


This will be a one and half laugh changing transformation as I guide into a greater state of happiness and well-being. Teaching you the HEALarious healing tools that help you find joy in your journey. 


Joy Is Your Superpower:

In this HEALarious workshop 'How To Find Joy In Your Journey' my goal is for you leave with the tools you will need to maintain your new positive perspective, so you can find joy in your journey. 


With interactive lessons in laughter, HEALarious cognitive behavior exercises, mind modifications techniques, HEALarious laughfirmations and more. Your are going to learn how to calm your inner child during challenging times, redirect your inner critic, and speak Joy into your life. 


This is one HEALarious Healing workshop you don't want to miss!!


I look forward to laughing with you soon.

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How To Find Joy In Your Journey
Oct 03, 6:00 PM CDT
HEALarious Virtual Workshop