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A HEALarious workbook & Journal
to help you Laugh That Shi%+ Go! Going back to the root cause of the experience that has negatively manifested in to your life. With so many HEALarious lessons in laughter to prepare you to Laugh That Sh%+ Go, This course workbook is filled with a variety of healing modalities. 

To give a honest insight on how effective it is to Laugh That Sh%+ Go I even gave you an intimate look into my HEALarious breakthrough when I experienced my Laugh Changing Transformation. 


Get ready to laugh and learn on this HEALarious emotional journey, because it is time for you to Laugh That Sh%+ Go!

Download it and print it out.. Or Work DIRECTLY from your electronic deceive!

The choice is YOURS!!

Are you READY to
Laugh That Sh%+ Go

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