Who is Holistically HEALarious 

Love and laughter family, I am Holistically HEALarious a Laughologist and Certified Laugh Yoga Coach. My intentions are to raise the vibrations of the collective with laughter. I teach people the powerful impact of laughter and how it opens your chakras and raises your vibrations. 

I created Hoilistically Holistically HEALarious as an outlet to tell my story through sketch comedy. While defeating a battle of depression I discovered the powerful benefits of laughter.  Sharing her story and helping the world laugh and RAlease, heal with humor with her most known platform Instagram. Melanin Bee better known as Holistically HEALarious says that 85% of her HEALarious content is based off her actual life coming out black, vegan and spiritual in 2016. "It was the most healing HEALarious thing I ever did, and not all days were so funny says Melanin Bee and that's when I started finding humor in my healing. 

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