Who is Holistically HEALarious 

Love and laughter family,

I am Melanin Bee of  Holistically HEALarious. I am a Laughologist, Holistic Comedian, Speaker and Advocate for mental health. My intentions are to raise the vibrations of the collective with laughter. I teach people the powerful impact of laughter and how it opens your chakras and raises your vibrations. 

I created Hoilistically Holistically HEALarious as an outlet to tell my story through sketch comedy. While defeating my battle of depressions, I discovered the powerful benefits of laughter.  I started sharing my stories and helping the world laugh and RAlease, heal with humor with her most known platform Instagram snd now Tiktok.  I  am so grateful to have a platform where I can heal with the world. I heal by telling my story. Most would not know that 85% of my  HEALarious content is based off my actual life coming out black, vegan and spiritual in 2016. "It was the most healing HEALarious thing I ever did, and not all days were so funny but I had to push through and that's when I started finding humor in my healing.