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HEALarious Corporate Wellness

HEALarious Corporate Wellness

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Team Building: 
‘People who laugh together work together.’ Laughter Yoga is a powerful tool that connects people easily with each other. It also helps to develop a positive mental attitude, hope, optimism and enhances
communication skills to help in team building.

Is laugh yoga bridging the gap for wellness and team building for remote workers?
Can laugh yoga be the secret to motivate remote workers to work together, develop their strengths, and to address any weakness. Holistically HEALarious our laugh yoga team building exercises encourage collaboration rather than competition

What are they saying

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Corporate Laugh yoga.png
Corporate laugh yoga.png
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Innovation And Creativity:
The childlike playfulness in Laughter Yoga stimulates the right brain activity, which is the seat of creativity. This helps generate new ideas and insights about workplace issues and problems. As one needs to introduce new ideas and constant innovation to stay ahead in this highly competitive market, Laughter Yoga helps people become more creative and innovative.

Increases Attention Span in HR Trainings:
Human brain cannot concentrate for more than 90 minutes after which the attention span reduces. Even a 5-10 minute Laughter Yoga session can provide a great energy boost during long HR training sessions and conferences. It helps to increase the attention span, enhance learning skills, mental concentration and potential.


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