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Promotes happiness, helps to uplift your mood provides energy.

This aromatherapy essential oil bar helps to alleviate stress depression and anxiety assisting you to cultivate more joy into your life.

All ingredients are organic and vegan

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Laughaste' essential oil aromatherapy to promote joy and uplift your mood. Aromatheraphy rollerball for stress relief and alleviate anxiety

Laughaste' is intentionally created to encourage laughter nas joy. Either by rolling it onto your body or inhaling through your nostrils. The zesty aromatic scent of Laughaste' will revive you and uplift your mood.

The HEALarious Apothecary

Laughaste' essential oil therapy

Conventionally fits in purse, pocket or sacred space for easy use when feeling low. Quickly increase your vibration with a inhale of Laughaste'.

The HEALarious Apothecary

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