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Ready... Set... Laughaste' Out Loud!

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Yes, I Have... & Here It Is!

Laughaste' Out Loud a HEALarious Card Game and Healing modality! Now that we know how to utilize Laughaste' Out Loud as a game it's time to laugh and learn how to utilize it as a healing modality.

Daily card pulls of Laughaste' Out Loud will help you strengthen your relationship with laughter.

Client's Healing Review


Who can take this training?

  • Alternative therapists

  • Social workers/Healthcare workers

  • Yoga practitioners and teachers

  • Recreation activity facilitators

  • Occupational therapist

  • Professional speakers

  • Childcare workers

  • Laugh yogi's

  • Psychologists

  • Holistic practitioner's

  • Teacher's

  • And more...

Sacred Silly Time

Laugh and learn how to facilitate your own HEALarious Laughaste' Out Loud workshops, utilizing particular focus cards to implement intentional healing. 

Laughaste' Laugh Yoga

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Laugh and Learn

How to properly facilitate your own HEALarious Sacred Silly Time workshops, classes and more. 

Laughaste' Out Loud is a new innovative approach to to using laughter as a healing modality. Holistically HEALarious is the only company offering this certification that you can utilize all around the world. 

The Laughaste' Out Loud facilitator training consist of  6 lessons, 6 classes, 6 hours of HEALarious lessons in laughter.

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