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Personalized Laugh Coaching Program


A personalized 1 on 1 Laugh Coaching Program

I want to help identify what is stopping you from laughing your best life....


Let's create a strategic plan to help you cultivate more joy into your life by activating your Laughastè, strengthen your joy muscle and strength your mental immune system. 


We will work closely together for 6 weeks to help you accomplish your goals. 


This 6 weeks personalized laugh coaching program will include:


Weekly 1 hour online sessions

2 fifteen minute phones per week

Accountability Assignments

A HEALarious healing plan of action

A HEALarious guide book with all my exclusive healing tools.

Daily Laughfirmations


You will also receive a copy of my E-book

"What's Stressing You?" Let's Laugh about it and

Laugh and RAlease


This is a exclusive opportunity to work with Laughologist Melanin Bee 1 on 1 to help guide you into a greater state of happiness and joy.


Have you been seeking alternative ways to heal on your spiritual journey, want guidance on how laughter and humor therapy can help you overcome challenges that cause depression.


Let's tap into your internal pharmacy and create happiness from within.


This is a life changing transformation that will align you with your Laughastè (Laughter and Joy)

If you are ready to start laughing your best life, schedule your FREE consultation TODAY!

Let's see if you this the HEALarious healing program for you!

Invest into your mental health and happiness

  • Laughaste' LaughYoga

    Laughter yoga for well-being support
    Valid for 5 weeks
    • Laughter Yoga
  • Laugh Yoga Nthe park

    Laugh yoga in the park package save more laugh later
    Valid for one month
    • Laugh Yoga In The park
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