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Love and laughter family... It's time to RAlease with peace and laugh that sh*+ go...
Are you ready to laugh and RAlease under the moonlight?


What better way to release than with laugher hahaha! 

What are you holding on to that you need to release, eliminate, let go? 

I want you to join Laugh Specialist | Spiritual Comedian |  Holistically HEALarious SaturnDay, April 8th at Santa Monica beach for a HEALariously healing  spiritual experience under the moon.

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This is a HEALarious spiritual experience intentionally created for you to


RAlease with peace and to help you find humor in your healing.

Holistically HEALarious is going to take you on a deep dive of laughing and releasing with a variety of healing modalities. Everything about this HEALarious experience is intentional, from the recommended color therapy, laughter yoga, laughter meditation, yoga nidra, sound therapy, and  plant-based goodness. 


A night filled with lessons and laughter on how to laugh and release with intentional laughter exercises, Mudras, and HEALarious laughfirmations. 

We are going to utilize the Mudra Ksepana, Ksepana Mudra is a sacred hand gesture or 'seal', known as the gesture of pouring out and letting go. It is used as a means of draining negative energy  and letting go. It is used as a means of draining negative energy and attracting positive energy or chi. Ksepana Mudra stimulates elimination through the skin, lungs and large intestine, as well as through energetic channels.


After some HEALarious laughing and RAleasing the V.I.P guest can laugh and relax while enjoying a intentionally prepared plant-based meal while Spiritual Comedian Melanin Bee bestows you with some HEALarious edutainment. 

Guest who are not V.I.P can still enjoy the HEALarious edutaiment under the moonlight.

Pull up and enjoy this HEALarious deep dive into laughter therapy and get ready to experience your internal laugh-changing transformation. 


I look forward to laughing and RAleasing with you soon.



R.S.V.P Today

Laughter & RAlease HEALarious Experience
Laughter & RAlease HEALarious Experience
Apr 08, 6:00 PM PDT
Santa Monica Beach
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