Love and Laughter, 

I am Melanin Bee the creator of Holistically HEALarious a brand centered around holistic healing. I teach the healing benefits of Laughter and how it releases stress, raises your vibrations, and open your chakras.  

There was a time in my life when I suffered from depression and my chakras were blocked. It was at my lowest point when I laughed my way out of depression. As I began to release pent up InnerG with daily Laughter meditation my body began to feel lighter. I started to use laughter as a daily healing tool on my spiritual journey. Over time the benefits were undeniable, from my mood, my relationships, and even as a mother my over life had improved. As I  continued on my healing journey I knew the true key to inner peace and harmony was to unblock my chakras so they can function harmoniously creating internal bliss and happiness. Going deeper into my healing journey I discovered a lot hurt and it had became overwhelming at times to the point I wanted to give up. However, my willpower and determination to heal kick in then so did the laughter. With each chakra the healing got more intense, finding humor in my healing & daily laughter exercises were the two main healing tools that could keep me going. 

After truly going my own intense experiences of unblocking my chakras I know finding happiness in my hurt was the silver lining in on my journe.

A healing program just for you!

 I created a program that is centered around all of the healing tools that assisted me on my journey to align me with my higher self. Laugh Open your Chakras is a 7-month program that will help you to unblock your chakras, help you find happiness in your healing, and activate your internal sunshine. We will accomplish these goals by becoming familiar with all seven chakras individually to learn their purpose and function. Revealing the potential blockages and following through with a plan. Being consistent with creating healthy new healing habits to assist you to be successful with aligning all seven of your chakras. This 7- month program is jam-packed with laughs and lessons. Utilizing a variety of healing tools to help you Laugh Open Your Chakras this program is a great way to take back your power and reclaim your joy! 

 I would like to start by telling you more about the intentions of the 7-month program Laugh Open Your Chakras. 

• To educate you on the powerful impact of Laughter and how it opens your chakras.


•To educate you on the importance of having your chakras open and functioning harmoniously.



•To educate you on the importance of self-healing techniques to assist you on your spiritual, healing journey.



•To also educate on the importance of external healing tools and how they can assist you with your spiritual, healing journey. 


We're going to be finding humor in our healing and happiness in our hurt. In our 7-month program LAugh Open Your Chakras. I am holding space for you to laugh & learn more about yourself.


Join me for a seven-month program where we'll be using laughter to raise our vibrations and laugh open our chakras. The goal is to learn about each chakra and how each chakra blockage pertains to an unhealed situation in our current adult reality. From healing our wounds with our mothers and fathers to our over-sexualized behaviors. Going deep within to RAvealing our subconscious blockages to remove them and replace them with healthy new thought patterns. 

Let's Talk...

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Monthly subscription plans 

The monthly standard plan is $99.99 which includes:

•1 30 minute phone session per month

•Email support 4 per month

•1 monthly group meeting on zoom
• Two weekly lives
• Monthly chakra crystal healing guide
•Monthly chakra food Pairing guide
• Weekly accountability assignments
• Monthly Calendar
• Weekly Laughfirmations
• Weekly group guided Laughter meditations 

•15% off tickets for HEALarious events live or virtual

•15% off additional healing sessions 

•15% off certain items in shop HEALarious.

The Monthly Premium Plan is $148.88 which includes: 

$148.88 *Best seller ☆☆☆☆
• 1 30 min 1 on 1 phone session
• 1 monthly group meeting on zoom
• 1 30 minute zoom session monthly 
• Text message support 
• Two weekly lives
• Monthly chakra crystal healing guide
•Monthly chakra food Pairing guide
• Weekly accountability assignments
• Monthly Calendar
• Weekly Laughfirmations
• Weekly guided Laughter meditations
•15% off your total order price when you purchase from Shop HEALarious
• 15% off any additional HEALarious healing sessions
•15% off tickets prices for live events 

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