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Laugh At Home

So much change is taking place at one time life could get overwhelming. Literally changing the way you have been use to making a living has drastically changed within the last year. From not working at all depending on financial government assistance to help you pay bills, provide for yourself and your family. Sometimes not even knowing where your next paycheck was gonna come from.

Eventually being able to return back to work however, with the demands to keep everyone safe social distancing and face masks quickly became the new norm in the workplace. Uncomfortable to some but happy to be back at work making money workers had to adjust to the new face attire and social distant requirements.

Moving forward to now with a new wave of the pandemic mania happening a potential lockdock is looking to take place in the near future.

Even though remote working is very beneficial and very convenient with all of requirements to return to the workplace. Giving the option to work remotely shows appreciation for your employees. While all is fine and dandy with the excitement about not having to commute, sleeping in a little later, dressing from the waist up. Let's be honest the momentum will die down and feelings of isolation, lack of social connection with co-workers can lead to low energy. We all know working with your co-workers helps to make work fun and enjoyable the laughter shared together helps build trust and strengthen team building skills.

Having a plan in place to help boost employee morale while taking into consideration their mental health and well-being is top priority. Making sure your remote workers always feel as if they are apart of the team and evolved with the ongoings that the company has going on. With morning huddles and team meetings being virtual, zoom is the new meet up called Club Remote -ha! Even with the convenience of not having to fully get dressed for work meetings there can still be that lack luster feeling of "not another meeting!" Even though your employees are grateful to be employed and working during a pandemic what is being done to support your employees wellbeing during this time. Working remotely from home can get stressful and have and should receive the same care and concern as on sight workers. Companies should really be proactive and have a wellness or wellbeing plan in place for their employees working from home.

Laugh Yoga exactly what the ordered HA!

Investing time and resources in supporting employees' physical and mental health is exactly what laugh yoga is all about. Laughter is a healing modality that opens' you up to a multitude of healing benefits for the mind, body, soul and spirit. Being proactive about your employees well-being helps your staff positively manage or overcome major wellbeing challenges, which makes them feel more valued by the company and invested in their work.

Remote laugh yoga is the perfect HEALarious remedy needed to help reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, increase creativity while promoting corporate team building. Laugh yoga also helps to boost employee morale and connects remote teams. Using laughter as a icebreaker to help with social bonding amongst remote workers.

Laughter lingers and has a HEALarious after effect that positively impacts your life. Triggering the release your feel good chemical endorphins and increasing the serotonin levels in your brain to give you that internal euphoric feeling of bliss. Physcologically blowing off steam and reducing the stress chemical cortisol you feel calm yet energized at the same time. Sharing belly laughs and speaking in laughter is what a HEALarious laugh yoga session is all about.

If you have a business or company looking to enhance your current wellbeing program book your discovery call today and a staff member will get back with you.

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