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Updated: Apr 2

What is #Laughastè?

#Laughastè is a high vibrational word I created to capture the vibrations of intentional healing with Laughter. #Laughastè is the all that I am of words. It's a attitude, a mood, a vibe, a tool, a technique. It can be used in a multitude of ways. A few of the correspondents are listed below.


▪︎Colors: yellow, gold clear

▪︎Element: Air & fire

▪︎Body functions: Digestive system


  • A greeting :

Using #Laughastè as a greeting means you honor the Laughter, joy and bliss within someone. You recognize their internal sunshine.

  • Mood:

Using #Laughastè as a intentional high vibrational mood of pure joy, bliss, happiness and lots of Laughter.

  • Etc.....

Using the technique #Laughastè consistantly over time can build up your resistance to a numerous of things that at time would of gotten the best of you.

  • Stress

  • Work

  • School

  • Life

  • Road rage

And also less complex things but still not good for your health.

  • Petty shit

  • Bull shit

  • Basic shit

  • 3rd dimensional shit

Are you willing to #Laughastè in your highest vibration??....

Ask yourself?

Are you willing to #Laughastè in your highest vibration when a potential stressful situations pulls up on you..? Are you willing to maintain your high vibrational frequency so you can RAmain in vibrational flow with your hearts desires? To truly RAmain in your #Laughastè takes consistent action prior to any potential stressful situation occuring in your life. When you're finally tested-that's when the lessons you've learned, the knowledge you've acquired comes in to play. If you willing to intentionally process the potential stressful situation and accept it for what it is and RAlease with Laughter you are willing to #Laughastè in your highest vibration.

Are you willing to to learn more about how to #Laughastè in your highest vibration. Join me for a HEALarious Healing virtual workshop called "Laughastè" a two hour interactive workshop full of laughing and learning about HEALarious alternative ways to #Laughastè in our highest vibrations in potential stressful situations.

Join me & so many other divinely Guided souls across the world as we learn how to #Laughastè in our highest vibrations!!

Monthly workshop starts in April!!

See you in the workshop!

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