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Laughing and RAleasing.... The Stress! 

Laughing and RAleasing.... Stress!!!

Love and Laughter my Divinely Guided HEALarious healing family!

Welcome to the first HEALarious blog!!! Join me family as go deeper into the HEALarious healing powers of Laughter. As the old saying goes laughter is the best medicine.... So with that being said take as needed! Right in time for the last full moon of 2019!! .....((Yes you read that right!)) Right in time for the last full moon of 2019 this blog is intentionally titled "Laughing and RAleasing....Stress!! I bet you didn't know that Laughter was the best medicine for stress! Yes, it is! 2020 is approaching grand, spectacular and so abundant AF and we will not take these 2019 stresses, lessons & unhealed problems into 2020. As the season changes and the flowers begin to blossom we will happily spring forward laughing and smiling because we have RAleased the burdens that was holding us back at the very last super full moon of 2019.... So let's raise the vibrations and set the tone with a HEALarious Laughing exercise called "Inhale Love Exhale Laughter" Close your eyes and breath in really deeply from your root chakra and fill up your lungs...Hold for 3 seconds then exhale the Laughter out your mouth... (Of course) and RApeat three times. It should come as no surprise that laughter is good for our mind, body and soul. Have you ever noticed you feel less stressed when you laugh? Not only does it distract us from worry, laughter also helps restrain stress hormones. “Laughter causes regions of the brain that regulate emotions to ‘light up,’ “These regions suppress the release of the stress hormone cortisol and activate the brain’s memory center, the hippocampus.”.... This explains why so many of your most memorable moments involve laughter. On top of alleviating stress and giving our memory a boost, laughter can lead to bliss. Research suggests that hearty, genuine laughter releases endorphins, the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals that help diminish pain while triggering positive feelings. That’s why laughter feels so good—euphoric, even... Like internal heaven. “Endorphins help relieve pain when you laugh,” Laughter helps resolve “all types of pain, not just physical pain, but emotional and psychological pain as well—which can sometimes be more damaging and devastating because we can’t see them.” Activate and relieve your stress response. A pot belly laugh fires up and then cools down your stress response, and it can increase and then decrease your heart rate and blood pressure. The result? A good, relaxed feeling. Laughter is an effective stress management strategy. It’s also a free, boosts health and its benefits are available to make you feel better at any time. Laughter works to lower the levels of stress hormones, such as epinephrine (adrenaline) and cortisol, in the bloodstream, by increasing the levels of health-boosting hormones such as endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin. A short period of laughter can literally boost your happiness in the moment, with lingering effects of feeling good throughout the day. Whether we view a situation as a threat, which raises stress levels, or a challenge, which raises dopamine, makes a difference, and laughter can help us take a light-hearted approach. Since laughter plays such an important role in improving our immunity and releasing fears and old patterns. Here are ways you can bring more laughter in your life to amp up its healthful effects.

1: Laughter Yoga or Hasyayoga:

Laughter is involuntarily and can be induced. One can perform this yoga indiviually or with a group of people and laugh, else join laughter clubs. Group work always improves cohesiveness and promotes positive attitude. But also doesn't take away from the healing benefits of doing it alone.

2: Set an intention to add more fun and look for what makes you laugh Motivate yourself by just thinking about the value of laughter to you and your life! It is a miracle boost for the entire body. It provides a great workout that exercises the heart and diaphragm, contracts the abs, and even works out the shoulders, leaving the muscles around these areas more relaxed. So, laugh freely! Make a conscious choice to have fun and laugh. An intention is a conscious choice. It means you are fully committed to take action, 100% on board. Once you’ve made the commitment, you’ll find yourself naturally adding fun time. 3: Choose to cultivate a sense of humor, a sense of humor opens the door to more laughter in life, and a lighthearted attitude. These are listed as top signature strengths that enhance your Laughter performance. Are you ready to add some more intential laughter to your life!? You can find some pretty HEALarious Laughter yoga videos on my YouTube channel # HEALarioustv under playlist Laugh yoga... Or just simply click the link below!


If you've found this HEALarious blog to be helpful to you in any way on your journey please feel free to leave comment below to share your insights. Also, If you've found this HEALarious blog to be helpful to you in any way on your journey and know of someone else who would benefit from this blog please share!! Share, share, share!! Let's stay connected family join the HEALarious healing family on Instagram




Oh, family did you know that we have a #HEALariouspodcast yes we do! Tap into the HEALarious podcast vibes season 3 will be kicking off on 03/19!!!

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