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Laughing At Petty Shit

Love and Laughter my HEALarious Healing family! Welcome to the HEALarious blog where we talk about all things HEALariously healing. As you see in the title we are going to talk about laughing at petty shit! Yes, Yes, family Laughing at petty shit b/c joy is our superpower.

Raised up talkin shit

A lot of the time we really do underestimate the power in joy, joy is it's happy but it take work, willingness and discipline. It's easy to go off on someone nd let them "yea, you got the right MF, I been ready for whatever" Like always in go mode ready to fight. That's a overflow of the stress chemical cortisol all through your body you're in straight flight or fight mode. And that could be very natural coming from from someone with a hard knock life background and tough upbringing. That kind of behavior develops in the root chakra from conception to the first year of life.

This person has probably grown up in a very hostile home life where yelling was the norm, that's just how everyone talked to each other. So growing up these are the behaviors and values embedded into the subconscious mind. So as in adult when stressful situations or potential argumentative occur your first instinct is fight.

From talkin shit to laughing at petty shit

Overtime living that aggressive, stressful lifestyle will have harmful effects on your body. Reprogramming your subconscious mind to laugh at petty shit b/c joy is your superpower takes work, willingness and discipline. Daily practice to build up your muscle do you can flex on petty shit is a key factor in rewiring your brain to react differently to the situations that trigger you.

Using laughter to unlearn old patterns:

~ Laughter meditation

~ Laughfirmations

~Simulated laughter

~ Laugh yoga

Laughter is a powerful tool and has been scientifically proven to have psychologicale ffects on the brain....

Want to continue reading this HEALarious blog... AND get a lesson in laughter on how to use laughter as a tool to laugh and release old out dated thought patterns join me and our other HEALarious family members on my patreon.

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~ HEALarious guided laughter meditation


~ HEALarious healing tips

~ Accountability assignment

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