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Open your chakras with Laughter.

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Did you know that Laughter can help you open up your chakras!

Laughter Aligns With Our Chakras

The powerful energy of different types of laughter connects with our chakras. “Energetically, the heart opens or expands when we laugh and allows for all of the other energy centers (chakras) to release denser energies and align with the higher frequencies that enter the body.” There are three different kinds of laughs that interact with their corresponding chakras:

Laugh your chakras into alignment.

"The chortle laugh" is centered in the head and throat and expands the throat chakra, allowing a better flow of communication.

“The guffaw laugh is centered in the belly, expands the second and third chakras, and will help you release your fear of not being able to control the situation, allowing you to find an empowering position in it.

“The chuckle is centered in the heart, the place in the physical body where we create hormones of peace and the energy center where we align with our higher self. The chuckle opens the heart, allowing for a stronger flow of energy to the rest of the system.”

Want to laugh and learn more about using Laughter to open and align your chakras? You can book a HEALarious healing session "Laugh open your chakras "

Chakras are InnerG centers in the body. Traditionally, people use toning to balance their chakra centers.The usage of chakra laughter works much differently than chakra toning. The techniques in the chakra laughter exercises teaches you how to use chi-energy to enter an individual chakra and stimulate it to create laughter. Singers learn to change the tones of the sound they are creating depending on where in the body the sound comes from. In a similar way, instead of using breath you use chi-energy to activate different chakras to effect change the sound of the laughter coming out of your body.

Chakra laughter coaching teaches you to travel within your body and selectively create bursts of laughter. Just like a singer creating sounds, your body becomes the instrument you wind up playing.

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