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Team Building for remote workers... Is the laugh yoga the key!

Laugh yoga is the latest workplace wellness innovative adapted by many companies to help employees manage stress, improve team dynamics and create a happier workplace. With the major shift in the workplace environment with remote workers laugh yoga seems to be exactly the wellness doctor ordered. Keeping remote workers morale high and team building skills a top priority.

With the longevity of the pandemic exceeding expectations it's no surprise that we have seen a huge shift into remote working.

With the simplicity of a click of a button almost half the workers in corporate america are able to work from the comfort of your own home. Even with the convenience of remote working we still must take it to consideration the long-term effects that remote working has on the social relationship between coworkers and team building. With everyone working from home how will social relations and collaborative tasks work for remote workers?

Global workplace analytics believes that 25-30% of the workforce will be remotely by fall of 2021. With the increase in remote workers how will companies provide opportunities for the remote workers to work on team building skills?

Can laugh yoga be the secret to motivate remote workers to work together, develop their strengths, and to address any weakness. At Holistically HEALarious LLC our laugh yoga team building exercises encourage social bonding and promotes teamwork.

Laugh yoga helps to build trust through laugh yoga exercises that encourages employee collaboration and involves 100% employees engagement. Which is good for a company's culture and boosting the employee morale.

When employees laugh together, it dissolves judgment and ego, breaks down barrier such as age, race, religion and hierarchy in the workplace. That's why laugh yoga is a great tool for team building and instilling a high trust and positive working environment where employees become more creative, productive and joyful.

While also receiving the physical benefits of feeling good laughter also has a variety of mental health benefits that will help remote workers reduce stress, feel socially connected, help to boost their mood. Adding laughter to the workplace for remote workers is like an investment into your company, your employees are the heart of your company. Where laughter is the love that helps it beat stronger.

If you're running a brand, business or company and your looking to maintain team building and social relations for your remote workers. Book your discovery call today, with Holistically HEALarious LLC, allow our HEALarious laugh yoga services to enhance your wellness program!

Let's laugh about it!


This blog article was written
By Melanin Bee
The owner I CEO of
Holistically HEALarious LLC
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