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Laugh yoga For Lil Ones he-he-he-he


Why is Laughter yoga important for  Children?

                                                       It is crucial in boosting emotional intelligence

Laughter and playing are essential elements in the kids' life. They are structures that strengthen their emotional intelligence

A lil lesson in laughter....

School life, and how and how it can decrease laughter and playtime for children.


Times are changing, and it is impacting children’s happiness too. Unlike in past decades, today's children do not have enough time to play.

Electronic games and devices are replacing the play-group and early-age interactions. This aspect is an increase in childhood stress. As such, laughter therapy exercises are becoming necessary for school-going children.


Technology is replacing play

With all understanding that technology has been a great bridge during times of the pandemic, we must admit that tablets are taking over. Children have an instinct toward laughter and play. They will laugh at anything funny such as jokes, funny faces and noises, and humor. However, technology is taking offer laughing opportunities. The introduction of electronic gaming devices is occupying the playing time for kids. These games and computer programs are becoming a source of laughter for kids.

Homelife... Not every child's home life is the most enjoyable and uplifting to their mental health and happiness. Unfortunately, some children aren't getting emotional support at home to help them develop their early developmental skills. We all know that positive social and emotional development is important.
This development influences a child's self-confidence, empathy, and ability to develop meaningful and lasting friendships and partnerships, as well as a sense of importance and value to those around him/her. 

Laugh & Learn

This is why fostering the right environment can help children develop self-esteem while also explaining some of their behaviors. At Holistically HEALarious, we take pride in providing the highest standards in laughter therapy. Through laughter yoga, play, and other HEALarious activities, we help children develop a strong sense of confidence, joy, and a healthy relationship with laughter. 

At Holistically HEALarious


At Holistically HEALarious
We provide a safe environment where we offer a variety of holistic laughter wellness services, classes, and workshops. Helping children to strengthen their relationship with laughter and allowing them an opportunity to laugh and learn how to express their emotions joyfully. To work with Holistically HEALarious at your organization, school, or event please schedule your discovery call, and let's laugh about it. 
I look forward to laughing with you soon.

Owner of Holistically HEALarious, Certified Laugh Yogi | Laughologist Melanin Bee


Let's Laugh About It.

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