Are you ready to

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HEALarious   healing laughter?

Love and Laughter,

I am Melanin Bee of Holistically HEALarious I am a Laughologist,

Laugh yoga teacher, Laugh Coach Spiritual Comedian,

Author and advocate for mental health.

As a Laughologist I teach a practice I created called 'Laughaste'

which acknowledges the laughter and joy within you.

Educating you on how to build up your Laughaste',

will allow you to take-in the healing benefits of laughter.

It's so HEALarious teaching you how to laugh wit lauhter, because that is actually how you produce the medicine from laughter!


You are now

tapped into the

HEALarious healings

vibes .

What is a Laughologist? 

As a Laughologist my approach to educating the world on the healing benefits of laughter is, let's laugh while we learn! When the mind is in a relax state, it is also absorbing the information simultaneously. 

I dispense this information in a variety of techniques, some of the course of actions are with my services.

Other methods I use to implement the educational portion of Laughology is through my patreon and workshops.

 I have also been featured in a vast diverse of occasions ranging from:

Spiritual healing ceremonies

Wellness workshops

Grand openings

Corporate events




Let laughter be the life of your next occasion, your guest will be in for a HEALariously pleasant treat!

What is Laughter Theraphy

A type of therapy that uses laughter and sometimes humor to produce laughter that will help with your mental and physical by adding more joy and happiness to your life. 


 Laugh therapy is a new and innovative approach to healing. Using laughter to self medicate, for stress management, temporary pain relief, spiritual healing, and to laugh open your chakras. 


The Holistic  Side of Laughter

There are many levels to laughter and how it has a powerful impact on our overall wellbeing.


From a holistic stand point laughter is therapy, laughter is key cog to healthy, happy life. 

Being able to heal your mind, body, soul and spirit while laughing is sounds so funny, because it is!


Laughter opens your internal pharmacy and allows your body to create a healing environment from within. 

Do You Suffer From Seriousness?

Signs you could be suffering from seriousness?

• Always looking serious
~ Never smile
~ Consistent straight face
• Always dressing serious
~ Same attire every day
~ Never wanting to add a variety to your wardrobe
• Always acting serious
~ Never laughs
~ Never smiles
• Always acting serious
~ Never relaxed uptight
~ Can't take a joke


If you're taking life too seriously and can't enjoy anything, then you owe it to yourself to start laughing again. By working with a laughter coach you give yourself permission to laugh.


Even if some hard life circumstances have made you think laughing is impossible, you'll get the skill back. Laughter is an important part of humanity. Your spirit needs to express joy. When that happens, you attract more good humor into your life.



A laughter coach works with you to open a path to happiness, success, health and wellness. Laughter is a key cog to the mind, body, soul and spirit connection.


The laughter coach helps you find the joy within and let it out so it can reflect into your life. Laughter is very cleansing like deep purposeful breathing, sweeping your internal vessel. 

Invest in to your mental health and happiness and book you a 1 on 1 HEALarious Laugh Coaching session. 

1 on 1  Laugh Coaching   program

Looking to go deeper in to your mental health, happiness and over all well-being by making a life changing decision.

A choice that will have a positive impact on your life and the lives of those around you. I recommend that you start a 1 on 1 Laugh Coaching program with me.



Creating a strategic plan jam packed with HEALarious healing tools and techniques to help you successfully achieve your goals.

Want to change your life start with your mind!

Laughter is the key to unlock your life and open up doors for more bliss and joy to come in.

Laughing N Learning on patreon!

Tap in to your daily dose of HEALarious healing by joining my patreon!! Everyday you be receiving emails with HEALarious patreon post notifications!!


This is like a self paced Laughaste' course, weekly guided laughter meditations, daily laughfirmations, pre recorded laugh yoga routines for intentional healing purposes. With four tiers there is plenty options for you to laugh and learn from.

Let's Laugh About It!

Being able to have a safe, sacred space to laugh and release stress, cope with anxiety and even depression is a part of taking care of your mental health. 

Have you ever thought about what are my daily mental health care practice's? Your mental health care maintenance should be at the top of your to do list daily.  

Adding more laughter to your life is a top recommendation for mental health care. Learn how to use laughter as healing tool to help you with your daily stress management, cope with and even beat depression! 

Book your 1 on 1 laugh therapy session today!


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