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" Being able to find humor in your healing is a sign that you are healing"

Holistically HEALarious

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HEALarious Comedy

Holistically HEALarious, once just an online personality created by Melanin Bee the CEO of Holistically HEALarious, is now a Comedian hitting the stages. With her passion for global healing, and being an advocate for humor healing and laughter therapy as mental health care practices. Melanin Bee tells her HEALarious relatable life story about her journey, coming out Black, Vegan, and Spiritual through HEALarious Edutainment. Holistically HEALarious off-stage and on-stage personality and HEALarious creative expressions have placed her at the top of a new wave in female comedy. She leads a new, emerging renaissance, dedicated to elevating consciousness through elevated visual comedy, intentional stand-up, HEALarious edutainment & and curated events.

 She's a trailblazer on many levels, leading people into personal evolution by helping them to find humor in their healing.

Having curated and hosted her own events, Holistically HEALarious has also performed at the Hollywood Improv, Sunset Roof Top, Berkshire House, The Comedy Chaetae, and many more. Melanin Bee created Holistically HEALarious in 2018 and has since activated her platform to amplify stories that need to be heard. Holistically HEALarious has performed and spoken at dozens of community gatherings & and festivals.

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From the pages to the stages Comedian

Melanin Bee

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