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Laughter Yoga for corporate wellness and remote workers

Let's laugh about it!


Holistically HEALarious LLC is a holistic wellness company that specializes in laughter therapy. We take pride in providing the highest standards in laughter therapy. By teaching your employees quality laugh yoga exercises' that can be utilize on a daily basis at work and also at home.

With our Laugh yoga classes, HEALarious workshops and or wellness program's our focal point is the mind, body soul  and spirit. Taking into consideration your employee's mental health as well as their physical health. 


* An executive who wants to quickly energize your morning huddle by kick-starting a good mood.

* A company leader who wants to connect your remote team and boost morale during an upcoming webinar.

* A meeting planner who wants to build a sense of community during your next virtual happy hour.

In person or online we are going laugh & learn!

Laugh yoga houston.jpg

If you’re looking for a way to help your employees manage stress, give them greater confidence, help them make healthier lifestyle choices and increase their productivity, then why not try the workplace initiative that’s been used by Google and BBC to keep their own employees happy, healthy and motivated?

Let our HEALarious laughter yoga teambuilding session be the key to your overall success.


We’re happy to provide a service that will improve the mental, physical health, energy levels  and attitudes in your workplace.

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