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Holistically HEALarious Presents

Laughaste' Out Loud Launch Party

Love and laughter my fellow laugh yogi's I am so excited to share with you my new creation Laughaste' Out Loud, my HEALarious Healing modality and game.


This is an international virtual launch party LOL! Because laughter is a YOUniversal language. Hahahaha!

And this is no ordinary launch party


Laughaste' Out Loud my HEALarious version of charades. so if you like charades and it's no secret you love to laugh! You most definitely will enjoy playing Laughaste' Out Loud and adding it to your practice.

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Client testimony
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Add more laughter to your laugh yoga session w with Laughaste' Out Loud. Order yours today!!


This is one Laugh party you don't want to miss!! 
Join me and several other Laugh Yogi's from all around the world. 
For some rounds of Laughaste' Out Loud!
RSVP Today!!

Full Moon Comedy Show
Full Moon Comedy Show
Apr 22, 2024, 8:30 PM
Los Angeles
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