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Laughaste' Laugh Yoga Leader


Now you're ready to Join team HEALarious

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Team HEALarious

Now, that you have decided to join the number one resourced company for laughter yoga and laughter therapy it's to get Laughaste' certified! The Laughaste' Certification is a requirement to work for Holistically HEALarious, as it is a separate curriculum and way of teaching than Laughter Yoga by the Creator Dr. Madan Kataria. Melanin Bee has created her own HEALarious laughter exercises and way of teaching about Laughaste' laugh yoga. This HEALarious Edutainment has opened numerous doors for growth and expansion for Holistically HEALarious. 

Holistically HEALarious is a holistic wellness company that specializes in laughter therapy, teaching individuals how to utilize laughter as a healing modality. Laugh Yogi and Laughologist Melanin Bee teaches her HEALarious styles of teaching in many holistic forms and variations. 
Melanin Bee the founder of Holistically HEALarious has been featured in several publications in regards to her accomplishments as a Laugh Yogi and Laughologist and brining awareness to laughter yoga and healing with humor. 

Hope and Way
Shout-Out LA
Voyage LA

HEALarious Clients

Lessons In Laughter

 Within this online training you're going to laugh and learn how to properly facilitate a Laughaste' Laugh Yoga class, HEALarious workshop, Corporate wellness, Sacred Silly Time and by becoming a HEALarious team member you'll get certified as a LOL Facilitator!  

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Laughing all the way to the bank

More laughter equals more money! There are no set hours, just a minimum of hours required monthly to stay on board. As independent contractor you make your hours by accepting as many HEALarious assignments as you like. With the list of corporate contracts, social events upon completion of your certification you be able to start laughing all the way to the bank hahahaha, joyfully! 

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HEALarious Experience's

As a HEALarious Team member you will have the option to be apart of some of the in house HEALarious experience's online or in person. There are so many ways to laugh your way into alignment with so many joyful experience's . 

This is a new innovative opportunity to align with a new way of living as leader of laughter. Holistically HEALarious takes pride in providing the highest standards in laughter therapy, which these teachings will reflect into your personal life. 

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If you're ready to experience your Laugh Changing Transformation join Team HEALarious!

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