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Let's Release with Laugh Yoga!

It's time to laugh and Release. 7weeks 7 ways to laugh that sh×+ go!

Love and Laughter hahaha, tis the season to laugh and release, and laugh that sh%+ go! Hahaha, join Laugh Yogi | Laughologist Melanin B for 7 weeks of Laughastè Laugh Yoga. 
Within this 7 weeks will be going through a series of releasing utilizing:

• Laughter yoga
• Ksepana Mudra
• Breath work 
• HEALarious Sound  Therapy
•Body movement 
• Chakra healing
• Nidra meditation 
• Laughfirmations

Each week we're going to set an intention on what we are releasing from lives, body, mind, soul. I am going to take you on a journey of giggles and guidance to help you release what no longer serves you. 

Each week I will hold a safe sacred space for you to feel free to laugh, express your joy with laughter, release with laughter, healing with laughter, chill with laughter hahaha... This will be a very HEALarious experience.

I'd like to take a moment to explain the difference between Laughastè Laugh Yoga & Hasaya yoga, Laughastè Laugh Yoga is more intentional for spiritual healing, utilizing laughter as a modality for InnerG work and releasing healing through laughter. 
{If you're looking for Hasya yoga ONLY please go sign up for that online class.}

Week 1: Stress
Week: Negative Thoughts
Week 3: Self sabotaging ways
Week 4: Lack of self-care
Week 5: Thoughts of lack
Week 6: People pleasing
Week 7: Imposter syndrome