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Monster MP3: Download Royalty-Free Sound Effects of Scary Creatures

Each Monster has its own unique sound, with differing musical qualities such as the type of voice or instrument. Distinct species of monster sing or play a particular part of an island's music, which create each islands' songs. Combinations of each particular monsters of differing timbres create an island's own specific theme.

monster mp3

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The following sounds are each from the Memory Game. Each monster sound of the Memory Game plays a sample of each particular monster, in order to help the player to find the pattern of the monster positions. Such sounds can be heard when the icon of a particular monster is selected. For example, tapping a Mammott icon creates the Mammott sample sound. Sample sounds are usually fewer than three seconds long and should give you an idea of what each monster sounds like to prevent forgetting the whole pattern but at the same time remembering the monster pattern.


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